Q&A with new Supernatural Fuel Ambassador and UTS winner Emma Stuart

We caught up with our new Ambassador, Emma Stuart, on the back of her excellent Ultra Trail Snowdonia (UTS) win last month to ask her about her running background and race plans for this year.  With a late entry to the sport, Emma has made a formidable impact on the ultra running scene in short order by winning many of the major ultra trail races in the UK.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your running background? 

I started running about five years ago and after a couple of half-marathons, I discovered ultras in 2019 and I’ve been doing them ever since! My running background isn’t very exciting as I wasn’t a very sporty child and didn’t do any exercise at all until I got a dog, and then it was mostly just hiking. I love big long days in the hills and I find that running is a fantastic way to cover more ground in a shorter amount of time so you get to see even more incredible scenery!

By day, I’m a farm animal vet and I absolutely love my job.That said, it can be difficult to fit running around it, as it’s a very physical and demanding job with long days and sometimes longer nights!

You’ve won some impressive races such as the Arc Of Attrition and the latest being the Ultra Trail Snowdonia 100 mile. Was this your best performance yet?

The two races are so different that it’s impossible to compare them. I’m really really happy with both performances but UTS was more of a mental than a physical challenge due to the terrain, the length of time I was out there, and having to cope with what was sometimes an unbelievably slow pace. Compare that to the Arc of Attrition where I just felt like I ran to the best of my ability because it’s a trail race and so much more runnable.

How have you been using Supernatural Fuel pouches during your training and racing?

I struggle with getting solid fuel down when I’m pushing hard, so the pouches are a great consistency for me. I like how the flavour isn’t overwhelming as sugary gels can be a bit sickly after a while because they’re so sweet. I tend to try and eat one pouch every 2-3 hours with gels or energy drinks in between. I actually like hanging onto the pouch and taking a mouthful every few minutes rather than eating it all in one go as I find I benefit more from their slow-releasing energy this way. I often eat a pouch before I start on a shorter run so I don’t need to rely on carrying gels if I do get a dip in energy.

Favourite flavour?

Love the Oats, Banana & Maple Syrup one, but the Dates & Sesame are great for a super magic energy boost!

We noticed you were present at the Barkley Marathons crewing the legendary Nicky Spinks this year. Is this event on your radar? 

It is.

What other races have you got planned for this year? 

I haven’t got loads planned as my big focus is Tor des Geants in September. My next race is Laveredo in June but I have just injured my hand so hopefully it will be okay by then or using poles is going to be a bit difficult!

And finally, if you could run one last trail one last time where would it be and why? 

A massive thank you to Emma for taking the time to talk to us, providing great insights and inspiration. If you would like to follow Emma’s amazing achievements you can find her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/the_running_vet/, otherwise we will be sure to tell you what she is up to via our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Photos by David Miller Photography https://www.instagram.com/davidmiller.photography/


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