Jasmin Paris

SF Ambassador Discussions: Jasmin Paris on UTMR WIN 2021

We caught up with Supernatural Fuel Ambassador, Jasmin Paris, on the back of her win on the Ultra Tour Monte Rosa (UTMR) earlier this month to ask her about her preparations for the race and the experience itself. Jasmin placed first female and was ninth overall on this tough 170 km technical route with over 11,500m ascent. It was the first major race that Jasmin had competed in following some time out to focus on her family after the birth of her second child.

Firstly, a massive congratulations on another absolutely fantastic run. We loved following your progress! What were the key aspects of your preparation for the race following a long break from competition?

‘I think the key aspect was consistency. I had to build up gradually after the birth of my second child (my son was born in July 2020), and it took me until this summer to feel my previous fitness coming back – luckily my coach Damian Hall is great at ‘playing the long game’, as he puts it!’

What were the major challenges of this race compared to others that you have competed in?

‘The UTMR is only my second 100-mile race (although technically it is a bit longer – 108 miles this year) but compared to my first (UTMB) it is significantly wilder, more technical, and involves more ascent. There are also far fewer competitors, so one is much more likely to be running alone in the second half.’

What were the highlights of the race?

‘The race has stunning views, the scenery is quite breath-taking at times. I also loved the technical terrain, and the low-key feel of the whole event. In fact, one of the nicest things about the race were the aid stations – the volunteers there were so friendly that it felt like meeting with family every time I arrived, and the food was great too.’

What helps you keep focussed during the tougher sections?

‘Sometimes I don’t think about anything, I sort of zone out – I suppose it’s a bit like meditation whilst running. In fact, there were times in the night on UTMR when I had to work hard not to fall asleep on my feet! At other times, I think of my family, and the time I’ve sacrificed to train – that is good incentive to keep going when things get tough, as is the knowledge that they will be waiting for me at the finish.’

What kit did you use for the race?

‘I ran in Inov-8 Terra Ultra shoes and used their Race Ultra Pro-5 Vest as a pack, both of which worked very well for me. I also used Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Trekking poles, which I’ve had for several years now.’

How do you keep fuelled on a tough 100-mile mountain run?

‘I try to eat normal food as much as I can, and to save gels for those occasions when I’m having a real energy dip, otherwise I end up with tummy troubles. At checkpoints I try to eat the pasta/soup that they provide, for liquid, salt and longer lasting energy. Between checkpoints I eat a combination of Supernatural Fuel pouches, cereal/chocolate bars, fruit and nuts, bananas, and jelly sweets.’

Any advice for those who are looking to register for next year’s UTMR?

‘I had a great experience, so I’d say go for it! My advice would be to start training well in advance and aim for consistency. On race day, remember that a huge part of running ultras is mental – believe in yourself and you are halfway there. Be aware that it will get tough, I’m sure that almost everyone has at least one rough patch on a 100-mile race, the key is to keep eating and keep moving, and to focus on one little section at a time, rather than being overwhelmed by the larger picture. Most importantly, enjoy it!’

What’s coming up next for you? Any more events on the horizon?

‘I have some smaller events for winter, including the OMM, where my husband Konrad and I will run the Long Score event. After that, I’ll start looking forward to next year.’

A massive thank you to Jasmin for taking the time to talk to us, providing great insights and inspiration. If you would like to follow Jasmin’s amazing achievements you can find her on Twitter https://twitter.com/JasminKParis otherwise we will be sure to tell you what she is up to via our Facebook page and across our main social channels.


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