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Created to fuel endurance

The pouches are specifically made to solve a problem for endurance competitors.  Any endurance competitor will know that during long events most people will experience gastro intestinal problems that make eating difficult.  It becomes difficult to chew and swallow food and for the gut to digest and absorb the food.  Blood has moved away from the stomach to other parts of the body, making digestion difficult and the feeling of nausea is not uncommon.  You’re in a vicious circle; you need to fuel the body, but it’s difficult to eat and the longer you leave it the worse you become as your energy levels fall away.  This is when you need blended natural endurance food that is easy to eat, tastes good and is easy to digest. Supernatural Fuel is the performance nutrition to solve this problem.  Whilst it’s targeted at endurance sports competitors, anyone can eat it, it’s just blended natural food!

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More about Supernatural Fuel

Why did you create these products for endurance?

At Supernatural Fuel we believe that despite huge advances in technology over the past 200 years,  human beings are pretty much the same hairy creature that roamed the planet 200,000 years ago.  Unfortunately, as a species, we have lost our way.  We don’t move or eat like we used to, like we evolved to do.  We spend most of our time sitting in front of screens and eating crappy processed foods – it’s no wonder we have so many health problems.  Most people don’t move enough and eat too much of the wrong things.

What's inside a pouch?

Supernatural Fuel energy pouches are produced from organic natural plant ingredients that have been chosen because they are super foods for energy.  Every pouch contains a combination of natural plant carbohydrates, proteins and fats that provide sustained energy release.  Why?  Because it’s the closest thing that we can produce that we should naturally be eating to fuel our bodies.  The pouches are produced from blended fruits, seeds, nuts, grains and vegetables to produce awesome endurance food.  Our initial product offerings contain only fruits, seeds and grains; we will introduce nuts and vegetables to our product range a little later.

How do you make the fuel?

Our products are simple.  We’ve chosen ingredients that are super foods for sustained energy and you’ll find no more than 7 natural plant ingredients in any of our products.  You’ll know exact what’s in every one of them – there are no additives, preservatives, flavours or colours.  We take no more than 7 natural plant ingredients, we blend them, we fill them into a pouch, we sterilise the pouch with hot steam and pressure to kill any bacteria and give it a long shelf life and that’s it.  It’s fresh, clean and simple.  Endurance food and performance nutrition at its best – naturally!

At Supernatural Fuel we want to promote how humans should live, how we’ve evolved to live, through natural movement and natural food. We have evolved to run, jump, swim, climb and lift. We are endurance specialists; we are capable of running tremendous distances. We are outdoor creatures; we’re not meant to sit in boxes all day looking at screens! We have evolved to eat mostly plants with the occasional protein boost from small amounts of meat or fish. We will apply these basic tenets of natural movement and natural food to all of our products. We are part of nature, we are natural. We need to live more like our forefathers for our own well-being and future existence. Get outdoors. Run, jump, swim, climb and lift. Eat natural foods; eat plants.

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