James MacDonald

James is an endurance cyclist and world record holder. As an amateur club racer doing criteriums, road racing and time trials, James was immediately hooked on ultra-cycling when he discovered the Race Across America. The chance to ride across a continent non-stop in under 12 days sounded something of a lifetime’s achievement to James and in 2016 he succeeded first time to ride the 3089 miles in just 11 days as a rookie rider. He then went on to break the long held Guinness World record in 2017 for the return journey between Land’s End and John O Groats. In 2019 he attempted to break the World Record for the furthest distance travelled by bike over 24 hours – the indoor record is always the fastest and the furthest but he failed to break the record that day; he is currently preparing and training to re-attempt this in 2022.

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